About Us

Our company started its works by determining the products lacked in the market for product models we need to produce by photographing the sector from large perspective from 2004 until today. We set models by integrating glass and plastic parts. Thank heavens; we acquired a large product range in a short period of time. We completed infrastructure, mould design, and registration processes in two years. In 2006, we took our place in the market under trademark EMINEM through wholesalers. Some of our products include utility models. Design and mould fabrication of our products are carried out within our company.


Our principle is "customer satisfaction is of primary priority", the most important evidence of this is that we use the glass, unique material suitable for health in our product range. The glass with the same inside and outside is pure product. When the products we designed are considered, it is seen that each of them include a utility model. For example, our bread holder made from glass is a product to be liked most by breads. I think that we add them happiness by making them free of their unhappiness in plastic sacs. It is a human and food friendly product because it is hygienic and does not include carcinogenic substances. Fruits are squeezed by fruit press and fruit juice can be drunk by its subjacent glass. In our funnel oil holder, the cap serves as funnel in its open position. The funnel is a required appliance because it is mostly lost in houses in general. In our product, it is not possible to lose the funnel because we formed it as the cap of oil holder. Breakfast set consists of four separate glass covers. It also has a tray. Existence of four separate covers prevents product odors from mixing with each others and maintains their tastes. Upper cap of smiley face (gülenyüz) product is also a saltcellar. Each product we produced has a useful characteristic. We are producing and will continue to produce for our people. We are running for your love and kitchen with our functional products.







Our Vision & Our Mission

Offering glass products of superior quality in terms of health and usage in the most suitable conditions with their unique designs for making contribution to the happiness of the people.

Aiming for entering among pioneer and leader trademarks of Turkey and the World in terms of quality and confidence by adding value to lives of our customers and valuing human health above everything through our pioneer and creative solutions by following closely technological developments in today's increasingly competitive world.